Connect all your devices

Create a private network for all your devices.

Connecting all your devices has never been easier, thanks to WireGuard®. WirtBot simplifies the process of creating your own private network into 3 steps. No registration, no accounts - Just a network that belongs to you.

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Picture of the WirtBot

Hi, I'm WirtBot®.

I have one job and I do it well. I forward traffic at the highest speed, without compromising security.

Enjoy all the benefits of a professional set-up, without the hassle.

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Browser based

WirtBot is configured right in your browser. No data leaves your computer, unless it is meant to configure your WirtBot. You can easily verify this with your browsers Developer tools.

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Lightning fast

Security does not have to mean slow. Using WireGuard makes your WirtBot perform at very high speed.

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Modern cryptography is used in the WirtBot to ensure that your network is secure. In addition you get stealth that would make Sam Fisher jealous.

Simple process, broken down in a few simple steps so you dont have to.

  • 1. Start a WirtBot with Docker

  • 2. Configure your WirtBot using its Browser Interfacer

  • 3. Configure and grow your network

WirtBot works for you

At home

Build a Cloud or Video streaming service that you own or whatever else you would like to bring online. From your home into your cloud.

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For companies

Secure monitoring, self-hosted Groupware or a development environment that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. WirtBot got you covered and keeps secure communication concerns out of your architecture. Just don't expect wonders if you are an enterprise. This project is meant for people, families and small company scale.

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